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Mar 30, 2013
@ 7:05 pm
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This is one of our students, Neveah! She is one of the coolest and wisest kids I know. I’m so excited that Jezebel posted this video earlier today because everyone should get a chance to meet her if only a little bit. Big thanks to my teammate’s friend Ian Moubayed who filmed the video!


Feb 6, 2013
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A City Education: How One Special Math Problem Each Week Boosts Achievement


New York’s state standardized tests are in April, and they’re pretty high stakes: if students don’t pass the math section, some of them, unfortunately, may not move on to the next grade. Since many students here at P.S. 154 struggle to keep their math scores up to par, I and my fellow City Year New York corps members often run multiplication drills during lunch, or play math games with them after school.

While there are also many websites and resources that we can refer students and parents to that provide entertaining and challenging math activities, we decided we wanted to take additional action ourselves. So, in the beginning of January, one of my teammates, Sam, started a school-wide math initiative called the Problem of the Week.

To read this article in its entirety, visit our friends at

My teammate Laura started the CY NYC trend of doing a Math Problem of the Week! She is awesome and has a great math bulletin board up with the problem of the week, a math comic, and a math quote from famous people. Our students loved it so she started spreading the word to all of the other Math Coordinators. It’s great to see it working in other schools as well! :) Lighthouse zone represent!


Nov 28, 2012
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Emily's first tweets! »

I guest tweeted for NYU Wasserman documenting a day in the life of a City Year Corps Member. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what I do, you should check it out! There have been other CYNY people tweeting earlier this week, and there will be others tomorrow/Friday!